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Health Care Provider Influencers (HCPi)

Our HCP Influencers data offerings takes the notion of Super Targets and expands them to the next level. We incorporate data from CMS, NPI, OpenPay, Third Party providers and Independent Data collection to create a complete view ot the most influential Health Care Providers.

Using third party prescription data by itself does not tell the full story. Sometimes the top writers in a Therapeutic Class or Market Segment may not be the most influential HCPs. Instead of wasting time focusing on over 150 targets in your geography, focus on the top 50 that influence the rest of your territory.

Our HCPi data sets redefine what quality, targeting and quantity means.

Top HCPi's (Overall Views)
  • In the Country
  • By State
  • By MSA
  • By County
  • By Zipcode
  • By Region
  • By District
  • By Territory
  • Top HCPi's (Specialty Views)
  • In the Country by Specialty
  • By State and Specialty
  • By MSA and Specialty
  • By County and Specialty
  • By Zipcode and Specialty
  • By Region and Specialty
  • By District and Specialty
  • By Territory and Specialty

  • HCPi Dashboard Demo
  • HCPi Data Dictionary

  • What Do You Need?

    Example - Are you looking to promote a product or service to all Endocrinologist in the greater Orlando area? We can generate a dataset to meet your specific needs containing any and all information detailed above. Send us an email detailing what your goals are and we can cater a dataset to your needs.


    Purchasing our data allows you and your organization to use the the contents within your specific group. Data cannot be resold to another party. Data can be shared with another party pending a disclosure agreement. Data can be used as part of a Master Data Management (MDM) input source.

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