Targeting and Alignment

Let us help you effectively target the most valued HCP's to help drive your business. After understanding what you want to accomplish, we can align your sales forces(s) to meet you goals. Whether you are gearing up for a brand launch or want to maintain and grow your advantage in the market, we have the expertise to get it done.

Many factors go into the process including:

  • HCP specialty inclusion/exclusion list
  • Targeting – Who you should target? High Prescribers, Key Opinion Leaders that don’t prescribe, Institutions, etc
  • Segmentation – What bucket does your HCP fall into? Leaders, at risk, maintain, switch, etc
  • Call Plans – How should you approach each segment? Call on Leaders 2x a year, At risks 4x per year, maintains should be sample drops only, etc
  • Alignments – Grouping zip codes per territory
  • Roster Maintenance – Sales Force Hierarchies, associating employee to territories, temporary coverage and history
  • Leveraging existing Sales Forces by adding a product to their bag or creating a new or overlay Sales Force
  • Approved indications for the brand being promoted
  • Existing Sales Force zip-to-terr alignment
  • Size of the Sales Force that will be promoting the brand
  • Desired target count per territory

  • Client Propsal - Example

    Creation of a 13 Territory Florida/Alabama/Georgia Sales Force for the promotion of a Type 2 Diabetes Brand


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