Reporting and Analytics

We have specialized in Pharmaceutical Field Reporting for over two decades. We have developed and delivered applications from inception through completion. We are experts in the design and delivery process.

  • Data Model
    • Creation of the best model to fit your needs
    • Model will be platform agnostic and designed using best practices
  • Database Design
    • Designing the structures and objects to ensure ease of use, speed, reuseablilty, flexibility and scalability
    • Building out of a specific Analytical Datastore (ADS) / Datamart to meet the needs of the customer
  • Data Integration
    • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) of all data sources
    • Integration of third party vendor data including IQVIA (IMSHealth) and Symphony
    • Integration of internal Masters (Prescriber, Health Care Organizations, Products, Employee, etc)
    • Integration of Transactional Data (Speaker Engagements, Marketing, Calls, Samples, Vouchers, Copay Cards, and Sales Force Automation), Targeting, etc.
  • Business Intelligence Applied Reporting
    • Applying all business logic in the data layer to ensure consistency across deliverables
    • Integrating logic to deliver KPIs and Statistics to the customer
  • Report Delivery
  • We can deliver your reports in any format you desire including:
    • Web Applications
    • Microsoft Office Applications (Excel, Powerpoint, Word, PDF etc)
    • Google Drive Applications (Sheets, Slides, Docs, etc)
    • Business Intelligence Tools (Cognos, QLIK, Tableau, MicroStrategy, etc)


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